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Covid, Inflation, and the Federal Reserve (Virtual) (Wed., May 31st @ 6:30 PM)

Covid has had a dramatic impact on everyone’s lives. It has also had a dramatic impact on the global economy and financial markets. We are in a period of inflation not seen in decades, and our central bank is scrambling to control it.

In this educational workshop, Tim Baker, CFA and Founder and CEO of Metric Financial, will explain how economic shutdowns created a split in the economy, who benefited (and who didn’t) and how that led us to today. Tim will explore what the Fed watches and what tools it has available as well as what we may see going forward.

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Opera Talk: Die Zauberflöte / Magic Flute (Virtual) (Tue., May 30th @ 1:00 PM)

Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” may seem like an enchanting little fairy tale, but it is much more than that. Its plot involves a battle between the forces of good and evil, attempted murder and rape, character misconceptions, love and revenge, a killer serpent, magical musical instruments, a walking talking aviary person and strong references to Freemasonry. Add to that charming music, two fiendishly difficult arias for coloratura soprano and you have one of Mozart’s most delightful operas.

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