Computers & Technology

Bloomfield Public Library is dedicated to providing our patrons with a wide-range of technologies and digital materials and services. We want to provide you with as open and smooth a computing experience as possible, while also attending to the need for security and privacy. If you need to print, scan, read an e-book, find an article, learn a skill, or simply surf the web, we have everything  you need.

Public Computers and Printing – “A Computer When You Really Need One”

Whether you prefer a Mac or a Windows-based PC, Bloomfield Public Library has you covered. Our computers feature the following:

  • Timed computer sessions and reservations, accessible with your library card or a guest pass.
  • Self-service printing, with per page rates of $.10 B&W, $.50 Color. Duplex available.
  • Microsoft Office 2016, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access.
  • Downloading documents/photos/videos is permissible, as is using flash drives.
  • AWE Computers for children, featuring educational games.
  • Earbuds ($1.00) and Flash Drives ($5.00) are available for purchase at the adult circulation desk at both libraries.

Wireless, Scanning, Faxing, and Copying – An Office Away from the Office

Whether you’re a student, a telecommuter, an entrepreneur, or just someone who needs a quiet place to work on your laptop, catch-up on paperwork, and scan/ fax/copy important documents, Bloomfield Public Library offers the following helpful services:

  • Wireless internet access is provided by the Town of Bloomfield (connect to TOB-WiFi network).
  • Print from anywhere and pick up at the library with our web-based printing service. Pickup and pay for all jobs at the Adult Services Desk. You can also send print jobs as email attachments by sending to the following addresses:

    Black & White (.10 ppg):
    Color (.50 ppg):

  • Scanners are available at both libraries. Scan a PDF or JPG with the push of a button.
  • Fax machines are available at both libraries.
  • A copy machine is available at both libraries. The per page cost to copy is $0.10 B&W. Color copying is available at Prosser only at $.50 per page.

Computer Classes & Mobile Devices – “Computer Literacy: At Home or On-the-Go”

Bloomfield Public Library recognizes that computer literacy is essential for navigating today’s world, especially when today’s smart phones and tablets put an enormous amount of computing power and information in the palms or our hands. Our computer literacy and mobile device services include the following:

  • A laptop computer lab for hands-on group classes.
  • Classes on Microsoft Word and Excel, Windows, Macs, the internet, online resources, and mobile devices and services. Check the Calendar for upcoming classes.
  • One-on-One lessons covering basic computer skills, mobile device usage, and resume/job search assistance are available at both libraries by appointment. Four 45-minute sessions are available for free to each patron, although available appointment times vary depending on the library location. Patrons who miss two appointments will no longer be eligible for one-on-one lessons.

Prosser Library
Allison Wilkos:

McMahon Wintonbury Library
Mara Whitman: 860-242-0041,
Sheila McCallum: 860-242-0041,

  • Library content for E-books & Audiobooks, E-magazines, movies and music that can be accessed with your card from the Download It page.
  • Online Resources to assist with school work, research and education, consumer information, and job assistance are available with your card.