Snoopy, Clifford, Dog Man, Scooby-Doo

Kids Vote 2020

Cast your vote in this ‘pawsome’ dog election! October 12- November 3, 2020. For kids of all ages. Any questions can be directed to Nicole Dolat at or by calling 860-243-9721.

How does voting work?

There are two ways for kids to vote in this Dog President election:

  1. From October 12th to November 3rd, kids can submit an “absentee” ballot by completing a brief online form: VOTE HERE.
  2. OR…on November 3rd, we will be hosting in-person ballot voting at both of our library locations. There will be a well-marked cart outside each building entrance with ballots, a ballot box, and an “I Voted” sticker for kids to wear.

Election results will be posted on our website and social media channels between November 4th and November 6th.

Meet the Dog Candidates

Candidate #1 is SNOOPY! 

Snoopy for Dog President

Snoopy has a long history of bridging the gap and creating positive relations between the dog and human species. Inspired by his dear friend Woodstock, he is a champion of protecting the environment and all of the species that rely on it (especially birds).

He knows how to get answers to difficult questions and has been known to visit his local public library to investigate. Friends describe him as intelligent and loyal with a quirky and endearing sense of humor.

Candidate #2 is CLIFFORD! 

Clifford for Dog President

Clifford believes that everyone is special, regardless of their size or color. Ever since he was a pup, Clifford has actively promoted education for dogs and humans (writing several books on the subject, like his popular ABC and Phonics series).

He champions our community helpers and has even stepped in to help the local fire department a time or two. Known for his lovable and friendly manner, he also supports the fine arts in our communities…like music and art!

Candidate #3 is DOG MAN!

Dog Man for Dog President

Dog Man is a great friend and resource for his community. As a member of the police force, he makes our communities safe and has been responsible for apprehending many serious criminals, like Philly the evil Taco.

He has a deep understanding of individuals with special needs; after surviving an explosion while in the line of duty, police dog Greg’s head was attached to the body of his human partner, Officer Knight. Now respectfully addressed as “Dog Man,” he is literally in the unique position of understanding the needs of both humans and dogs. He has a great respect for authority figures, and is a champion to all creatures large and small.

Candidate #4 is SCOOBY-DOO!

Scooby-Doo for Dog President

Scooby-Doo has the most political experience of any dog candidate in the field, having been in politics since his first run for President in the 1970’s.  He has a keen mind and the kind of welcoming demeanor that have made it easy for him to work alongside humans for decades to solve many mysteries and change human lives for the better.

He loves modern technology and can be found regularly checking his Instagram account and sharing fun posts on Snap Chat and Tik Tok. He has great respect for modern science about climate change issues, and car pools to work in a large van with many friends to do his part in reducing his “carbon foot print.” In a break from tradition, he would like to note that he is uninterested in receiving the standard presidential salary for his work – he would be happy to receive a daily supply of Scooby Snacks for his efforts.