Prosser Public Library

Place a Hold

Placing a hold reserves a copy of the item with the soonest availability, although some items have longer hold lists/waiting time than others. Our 30-library consortium’s resource-sharing model allows a hold to be placed on most items, to be picked up at the library of your choice when it becomes available.

Holds may be placed:

  • By Phone. To place a hold on a library item over the phone, call Prosser Library at 860-243-9721, or McMahon Wintonbury Library at 860-242-0041.
  • In-Person. You may place a hold on a library item in-person at either library location.
  • Online. To place an item on hold through the online library catalog, click the “Request It” button next to the item title.(You will be asked to log into your account, if you haven’t done so already.) A box will appear on the screen to confirm your hold. Use the dropdown menu to choose the library from which you want to pick up the item, and then click the “Submit” button.To view the status of your holds in your online library account, login to your account, and then click “Holds” in the left-hand menu.

To view the status of your holds in your online library account, login to your account, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, and then click “Holds” in the left-hand menu.

Inter-Library Loan

Bloomfield Public Library is part of Library Connection, Inc., a consortium of 30 libraries in north-central Connecticut. If you are searching for a particular item that does not belong to any of our consortium libraries, the item may be available at another Connecticut library. You may borrow items in-person from any public library in the state of Connecticut using your public library card (university and special libraries may have borrowing restrictions), or you can request an item through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). There is a 3 items request limit.

Inter-Library Loan requests are processed by Prosser Library staff. Requested items must be picked up and returned to the Bloomfield Libraries. Note: Individual library lending policies may affect the availability of certain items; therefore, not all ILL requests are able to be filled.

Ask a librarian in-person or by phone to check the availability of an item in Connecticut libraries outside our consortium, or search the Shared Connecticut Library Catalogs on the CT State Library website.

Additional Information