Bloomfield Public Library has ChromeKits for checkout. Each ChromeKit contains a Chromebook laptop, mobile WiFi hotspot, mouse, and HDMI cable. Each ChromeKit can be borrowed for 2 weeks, FREE from the library! The equipment comes in a laptop bag and can easily be transported from place to place, so that wherever you go, you will have internet access.

Library patrons may borrow Bloomfield Public Library ChromeKits, subject to the ChromeKit Lending Guidelines.

What can you do with a ChromeKit?
  • Internet service at home. The library’s ChromeKit can provide internet access at home to fulfill your household’s needs like research for school projects and papers, job searching and online applications, streaming movies or other entertainment, and much more!
  • Take it on a road trip. Connecting your mobile device to a hotspot during a long car ride enables you to stream music, movies, or other online content without the risk of incurring expensive data charges.
  • Take it on vacation. Going somewhere with no internet (or no free internet)? Take the ChromeKit with you to connect to the internet and retain access to your favorite online sites and entertainment.
  • Alternative to unsecured public networks.
Chromebook Details
  • The Chromebook allows you to create/edit documents using Google applications, browse the internet, and more!
Hotspot Details
  • The hotspot can be used with up to 15 mobile devices at once, although the fewer number of devices connected, the faster the internet service will be.
  • The internet service for the hotspot is provided by the Verizon network in the United States only (no international use). View the Verizon network service map for coverage.
  • See the MiFi 8800 User Manual for hotspot device details.