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Program 32: Animation

The goal of this SEC program was to walk our scientists through the history of animation, to showcase a variety of models of optical illusion toys/devices in a touch & learn lab, and to create some animation magic of our own! Read more >

Program 28: Balloon Bonanza Reboot!

Spring is in the air, so I wanted to revisit a crowd-pleasing program for my crew:  balloon science! With a few simple activities and a pile of balloons, we talked about air pressure, the properties of polymers, centripetal force, friction, AND Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion! Read more >

bouncy ball

Program 23: Summer Fun with Bouncy Balls!

What better way to have some summer fun than playing with polymers and making our very own BOUNCY BALLS! That’s right. With a few easy to find ingredients, our scientists were able to create their very own bouncy balls. Now, our bouncy balls didn’t have quite the “spunk” of the classic bouncy balls you find […] Read more >