Prosser Public Library

Local History Collection

Prosser Public Library owns a small but significant historical collection related to the Town of Bloomfield. The oldest portion of the collection is made up of approximately 115 books which came from the town’s original subscription libraries and were donated to Prosser Public Library when it was established in 1903.

Town newspapers are an important segment of the collection. The library owns a full run of The Messenger published in Bloomfield during World War II, The Bloomfield Zip, the Bloomfield Journal, and the Bloomfield Messenger.

A selection of items from the history collection, including postcards from the 1935 centennial celebration, have been digitized and now appear on the Connecticut State Library website in a collection called Treasures of Connecticut Libraries.

Citizens of the Town of Bloomfield are justifiably proud of their fine libraries and the historical collections that they are preserving for future generations.

Additional local history resources: