Prosser Public Library

Loan Periods, Fines, and Fees

Loan Periods

  • Books, Audio Books: 21 days
  • Music CDs: 21 days
  • DVDs (Non-Fiction): 21 days
  • New Books: 14 days
  • Magazines: 14 days
  • DVDs (Entertainment): 7 days
  • DVDs (Rapid View): 3 days
  • Museum Passes: 1-2 days

Note: Some item types have checkout limits per card. Please ask library staff if you have any questions about a particular item type.

Overdue Fines

  • $.10 per day per item; $5.00 maximum per item
  • Rapid View DVDs – $1.00 per day; $5.00 maximum per item
  • Non-Printable Museum passes – $10.00 per day

If materials are returned after their due date, overdue fines must be paid. You may continue to check out items if your total fines are less than $10.00. Fines are not assessed until you return or renew overdue material. Library cards are blocked when accumulated fines reach $10.00, or when an item is billed for being assumed lost. There are three possible ways to clear a block due to a lost item: return the item, pay the replacement cost, or speak with a library staff member about the possibility of replacing an item.

Paying Fines Online: Some fines can be paid online by logging into your account with your library card. After you login, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen to access your account information, and then choose Fines/Fees from the options on the left. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are currently accepted. There is a $1.00 minimum for online payments.

Fees for Services

Printer $.10 per B&W page, $.50 per color page
Copier $.10 per page, $.50 per color page
Fax $1.75 for first page; $1.00 for each additional page

Items for Sale

  • Earbuds $1.00
  • Flash Drives $5.00
  • Post Cards $1.00
  • Bloom Stickers $1.00
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