Library Building Committee (LBC)

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Building Committee Members
Gregory Davis, Library Building Committee Chair
Gregory Davis
Mark Weisman, Library Building Committee Vice-Chair
Mark Weisman
Michelle Bononi, Library Building Committee Secretary
Michelle Bononi
Robert Berman
Robert Berman
Christine Grant
Lois Hager, Library Building Committee Member
Lois Hager
Robert Ike
Jesse White
Jesse White

Not pictured: Vudonzi Graham-Days

Ad Hoc Members
Ava Biffer, Library Board of Trustees Chairperson
Ava Biffer
Library Board Chair
Vangella Buchanan
Mayor Suzette DeBeatham-Brown
Leah Farrell, Library Board of Trustees Vice-Chairperson
Leah Farrell
Library Board
Nancy Haynes
Nancy Haynes
Purchasing & Risk Manager
Elizabeth Lane, Library Director
Elizabeth Lane
Library Director
David Melesko
Leisure Services Director
Maxine Ursery, Library Board of Trustees Member
Maxine Ursery
Library Board Member