FREE COMIC BOOK DAY GIVEAWAYS…library style! (Oct. 12-30 Curbside)

What is Free Comic Book Day?
Free Comic Book Day is the best day of the year, where comics from publishers like DC Comics and Marvel Comics are given away absolutely free to people at local comic shops.

Normally it takes place on a single day in May, but Covid-19 made that difficult for comic book shops and partner libraries this year. So…we get to make our own schedule in 2020 and distribute a lot of really fun comics. FOR FREE!

We will be passing out age-appropriate bundles of free comics from Oct. 12-30, while supplies last. It will be a mixture of new 2020 comics as well as comics from Free Comic Day of previous years. You just need to call 860-243-9721 (Prosser Location) or 860-242-0041 (McMahon location) to schedule a curbside pick-up! Our staff will ask your age – or the age of children you are requesting for – during the phone call.

Please note that these comics are best suited for ages 8 to adult.

Any questions? Just call 860-243-9721 and ask to speak to Nicole.