Shine! Managing Virus Anxiety & Mental Health

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NPR’s Connecticut Public Radio discussed mental health with respect to Coronavirus on Where We Live (aired 3/19/20). One of the show’s guests highlighted two great resources for mental health and anxiety – a new website called, and the Shine app. experts Patricia Thompson, Ph.D. (left) and Anna Rowley, Ph.D. (right) features “resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty,” including articles, meditations, and the opportunity to ask questions of mental health experts.

Shine is an app that features daily support for your mental health, a new self-care strategy every day, and a global community to help you feel less alone. The Shine app is available from the Apple App and Google Play stores. (Note: the basic app is free – which is full of great information and encouragement, but the premium service does cost money).