FREE Internet at Home!

Prosser Public Library offers mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for checkout. Borrow a hotspot for up to 2 weeks to access the Internet on-the-go or in your own home, FREE from the library!

hotspotThe hotspot, which is roughly the size of a deck of cards, can easily be transported from place to place, so that wherever you go, you will have Internet access.

What can you do with a hotspot?


  • Internet service at home. The library’s hotspot can provide Internet access at home to fulfill your household’s needs like research for school projects and papers, job searching and online applications, streaming movies or other entertainment, and much more!
  • Take it on a road trip. Connecting your mobile device to a hotspot during a long car ride enables you to stream music, movies, or other online content without the risk of incurring expensive data charges.
  • Take it on vacation. Going somewhere with no Internet (or no free Internet)? Take the hotspot with you to connect to the Internet and retain access to your favorite online sites and entertainment.
  • Alternative to unsecured public networks.

For more information about library hotspots, visit the Hotspot Lending Page.